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Welcome to Travel Malarkey! I’m Pip & he’s Jay. Modern day Nomads living, travelling & working in a motorhome since April 2017.

We’re here with real life, page turning stories, tips, maps and reviews, from our years on the road, to inspire you to fulfill your travel dreams.

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“It’s not how far you travel on the outside that matters. It’s how far it takes you on the inside.” 

Pip Adwin


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Where We Are Now

As we step forward into 2023 it truly is a time for new beginnings as Pip continues to work through the tail-end of PTSD from the health traumas of 2022, and Jay works on filling our shrunken wallets for the goals ahead.

The countdown to leaving the UK is on as Pip slowly returns to writing the Travel Malarkey blog while also working on book one of a series of novels, and trying to juggle an Arts degree to boot.

Pip’s final check up is at the beginning of March, and if the fates allow we will finally be on the Eurotunnel by March 23rd. A three month journey, surgery for Marley, and a big chunk of renovation work on our Bulgarian cottage all await us.

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