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Welcome to Travel Malarkey! I’m Pip & he’s Jay. Modern day Nomads living, travelling & working in a motorhome since April 2017.

We’re here with real life, page turning stories, tips, maps and reviews, from our years on the road, to inspire you to fulfill your travel dreams.

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“It’s not how far you travel on the outside that matters. It’s how far it takes you on the inside.” 

Pip Adwin


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Where We Are Now

We’re taking it easy this winter and heading south with the snowbirds for sunny Spain. With ten weeks to spend on the road we’re hoping for a relaxing, leisurely trip so I can keep up with my studies on my English Literature & Creative Writing degree – and LOTS of blogging of course!
Jay promises he’s going to write songs while I study – so we’ll see how that goes. And Marley… Marley doesn’t know it yet but she is definitely in line for a bath!

Pip, Jay, Marley & (of course) DM Xxx

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