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Welcome to Travel Malarkey! I’m Fi & he’s Jay. Modern day Nomads living, travelling & working in a motorhome since April 2017.

We’re here with real life, page turning stories, tips, maps and reviews, from our years on the road, to inspire you to fulfill your travel dreams.

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 Travel History

“It’s not how far you travel on the outside that matters. It’s how far it takes you on the inside.” 

F. Lindsay



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We are currently touring in Northern France.

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Marley the Greek Rescue Dog

We meet a lot of hungry, homeless dogs and cats on our travels. We do what we can to help, and then have to go on our way and leave them behind.

But our world changed forever the day we went to see the ruins of Ancient Olympia. And our little Nomadic family got a tiny bit bigger…

Travel Fears

It’s good to step outside of our comfort zones sometimes. And travelling is one sure fire way to make that happen!
Here Jay faces his biggest fear while on the road.
What’s yours?

Jay’s Top Three Cities – So Far

1. Porto

It’s got so much to offer that sets it apart from a lot of other European city destinations. The sheer romantic quality of piles of Liqourice Allsort coloured buildings stacked in layers along the steep banks of the Douro. The rolling sea mist. The cormorants perched on old barges.
Porto mixes favourite flavours of Europe with a touch of otherworldly exoticism that is unbeatable and hard to forget.

2. Donostia/San Sebastian

A favourite of many travel writers for a very good reason. At the gateway between Spain and France this Basque city is definitely worth a day or two of your time at least. The beach, the watersports, the views, the food, the art, the culture. Pinxtos please!

3. Pamplona

We made an unplanned visit to Pamplona when we had van trouble, and expected to find a small town with steep old streets for the infamous Bull Run. Instead we found a vibrant, fascinating city of history and culture. High in the clear air of Basque Country.

Latest Travels

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Travel Gallery

Here’s a few of our favourite shots from our recent Travel Malarkey two month Winter tour through France, Spain & Portugal.

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