Our Tree

In Which Yggdrasil (Iggy) the Hymer, Becomes a Pictorial Diary of Our Journey

““There are three sisters, the norns, who are wise maidens. They tend the well, and make sure that the roots of Yggdrasil are covered with mud and cared for. The well belongs to Urd; she is fate, and destiny. She is your past. With her are Verdandi—her name means “becoming”—and hers is the present, and Skuld, whose name means “that which is intended,” and her domain is the future. The norns will decide what happens in your life.” 
― Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology

In the Beginning there was a Tree…


And the Tree was not just a tree, but all things. All things that live and breathe and grow upon the face of the Earth. And all the things that they are connected to. These things are not in the Tree, or on the Tree. These things are the Tree – and the Tree is them.

And this great Tree of Life was called Yggdrasil by the ancient Norsemen. It connects us all, and by our actions does it grow.

– F.Lindsay

And so we decided, before we even found our van home, that when we did we would call him Yggdrasil. Iggy for short. And that we would paint the tree of life logo I designed on his side, and then invite people we met on our journeys to add to his tree.

A leaf here, a flower there. Every person we connect with changes us. In small ways and in large. Sometimes we don’t even notice – but it happens anyway. Slowly, surely, over the years, our journeys through life, we grow and learn from all these encounters. And, through painting their contribution on to Iggy, the people we meet on the road will, quite literally, show how we are all connected. How, over time, each person, each moment, grows into Yggdrasil. The Tree of Life.

Welcome to Our Tree


Watch with us, as together, we all make it grow.


Painting Yggdrasil

Fi made a tree of life logo for our van Yggdrasil (The Norse Tree of Life) and in this video graffiti artist Luke Brabants, paints it onto the van. Now, everywhere we travel, we will invite people to add to Our Tree. A leaf here. A flower there. We are all connected in thos one Tree of Life. And together we shall make that connection a visual reality in our communal work of art. Our pictorial diary of our travels. And the people we meet on the way. Our Tree. Our van. One and the same. Yggdrasil. Our Tree of Life.

As Our Tree Grows We’ll Pop a  Gallery Here of all Your Paintings.


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