Normal Service Will Be Resumed Tomorrow

by Sep 1, 2019Autumn Tour 2019, Germany, Nomad Life

I had it all sorted. The blog post from yesterday was all ready to go. It just needed a couple of photos added once my laptop charged. Simple.

We’d drive through to Mosbach. Meet our friend David. Then I’d leave the boys to have a couple of beers to themselves while I finished the post off. Then dinner and a catch up.

Easy. Right?

Yeah. As easy as we all arrive at the same time. And nip into town for that famous one beer. And who knew there was going to be a festival on? And how did I drink three beers??

But I did promise a blog a day. So here is my very, very short…Blog for Today.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. And yes. Germany is definitely ace.

Fi. x

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