Tomar – The Town of Templars

After our long day out in Coimbra we decided to stay another day and just loiter around the areas of town closest to the van. To eat breakfast in the park, lunch in the cafes, and spend a long chilled evening watching movies with our feet well and truly up. 

In fact it was such a lovely, restful day, and the atmosphere so easy going and relaxed that we found ourselves deciding to really take a break and do it all over again the next day. 

So it was then that it was Friday, 1st March before we finally got round to packing Iggy up again and trundling off down the road towards the town of Tomar.

As usual I knew as little as possible about Tomar before we went there, but from what we did know we were really looking forward to it. Firstly, the free Aire was located in the old, closed down, municipal campsite, so promised to be amazing. And secondly, my quick glance on Google said Tomar boasted a Templar Castle. Now that sounded right up my street!

Yup. This is a free Motorhome Aire. No fees means more money spent in local shops, bars, restaurants and attractions.

Tomar, it seemed, did not wish to disappoint, and first impressions as we drove into the “Aire” were nothing short of amazement. Really? We could just stay here? For nothing? This was all just for us vanfolk? What a wonderful town this was.

We’d already decided that we were going to spend the full weekend in Tomar. It was Carnaval weekend so sites and Aires were likely to be busy, and having found such a great spot we weren’t budging till Monday.

With that in mind we decided to make today chore day. We took a wander in the opposite direction from the historic town, up to a largish supermarket and grabbed a couple of bags worth of things we’d run out of. Jay managed to fit 12 beers into his backpack as well. The strength he has for carrying knows no bounds when there’s beer involved.

Chores done we had a nice relaxed evening sitting out in our chairs and taking Marley for a little walk along the river before bed. The next day we would explore Tomar properly.

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Entering the Baixa, the area with the shops and cafes. Jay’s looking for cake already.

Jay’s perfect breakfast

The first two kings of Portugal are buried here in this 900 year old monastery.

DM practises his Instagram moves at the Jardim de Manga Fountain.

We don’t know who these guys are, but we figure they must have been “important”


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